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Network Analysis | Network Analysis


Our applications for end-devices are able to check the safety of the networks the devices are connected to. This is done by analyzing the network settings and traffic security. Each group contains a list of tests we perform on the network.

Network Settings

In the network settings group we're gathering information about the network name, the type of the network, the network security type, the DNS server credibility, the VPN server credibility, and the use of a proxy.

Traffic Security

In the traffic security group we're gathering information about the traffic filtering capabilities of the network by checking the DNS filtering. We're currently working on bringing you a new features that will allow you to check the network firewall rules and use our own Safe Surfing VPN.

Scanning of the network is done in two possible ways:

  • Background scan that is evoked by sending a silent notification to the device from our backend
  • Manual scan that is evoked by the user

Manual scan is more robust and fully-fledged type of scan, that will check the network for all possible threats.

Background scan is more lightweight and is used to get a quick overview of the network. This is because the apps are limited by the operating system in terms of the time they can run in the background.

What we're planning to release

  • Scanning other devices on the network
  • Detection of a MitM proxy
  • Detection of a firewall rules
  • Scanning open ports on the network
  • Our own Safe Surfing VPN